What Are Dreams Made Of?
By Lisa Sniderman
Why does the same bad dream keep having me -what's with this wailing white witch?
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What Are Dreams Made Of?

By Lisa Sniderman

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In the magical kingdom of Wonderhaven, Aoede the Muse of Song is plagued with a terrible, haunting dream, and children are spirited away by a Siren. Aoede must explore realms of darkness and light, overland and underworld, confront magical fairies, goblins and dream gods, and struggle to get to the heart of her dream. Intended for mature young adults who enjoy Harry Potter, Percy Jackson. What Are Dreams Made Of? is a brilliantly inventive multiple award-winning fantasy full length musical-a meld of mythology, magic and music combining a compelling story, colorful offbeat characters and infectious songs. Adapted from Aoede's original audiobook (Sep 2013).
Cast size can be reduced by double casting characters.


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"If this album were any better it would be on Broadway.. a luscious rainbow of music, story, characters and adventure that will mesmerize children and entertain adults... magical worlds of music, tales, characters, excitement, concern, love and joy. Her albums are ostensibly for children, but really, the music is so sophisticated and the artists she joins with and directs are so talented that adults get lost in them..."

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“Beautifully narrated with a charming theatricality, What Are Dreams Made Of becomes more than just simple children’s audio literature; it is an emotional and musical journey that Ms. Sniderman has crafted in an effort to explore the realms of the unexplained and fantastical. Her whimsical story is able to capture the minds of both children and deep thinking adults who enjoy tales of fantasy and mythology as tools for conveying emotion and metaphysical exploration. Sniderman’s songwriting adds a maturity that does not seek to age but rather to impart wisdom on young listeners in the midst of a wonderful tale. In short, this album has something for everyone; for the child that loves the fantastical adventure and the adult who loves beautiful songwriting that provokes the imagination to think beyond what is considered the “real”.”

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Barbara Hockley

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I'm strangely drawn to anything with the word 'dream' in it! Will keep this close for future reference. Looks interesting!

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