Teapots & Superglue
By Jonathan Owen
Each life is full of cracks. Like an old teapot, it has a history!

Teapots & Superglue

By Jonathan Owen

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Comedy, Drama
Full length


Take seven very different people, from very different backgrounds, place them on a weekly course where they must listen and learn from each other, and what do you think would happen….a recipe for disaster?

Roy Carr, (40s-50’s) lecturer in psychology at the local university, finally gets the funding to run a six-month outreach course in the community. From hundreds of applicants he chooses his ‘group’ - seven disparate souls who, on the surface, seem reasonably sane and ‘sorted’. They may be typical of their class and social background, and might seem to have little in common, but can they actually learn anything from each other? More importantly, are they willing to share what lies beneath the surface of their day to day lives?

We meet Pat’, (39) working class mother of five, who seems bold and brash, and the ‘salt of the earth’; Judith, (28) a nervy civil-servant who still lives at home with her parents, preferring to stay in her room and read Jane Austen; Frank, (late 60’s early 70’s) retired and widowed, who seems somewhat cold and remote, and is certainly not devastated by the recent death of his wife; Mo’, (17) a young Muslim student without a care in the world - well, at 17 who would have?; Greg’, (30’s) a thirty-something teacher, happy to teach his beloved French, drink wine and travel...alone?; Dawn, (19) a young single-mum devoted to her son Danny, and a Robbie Williams fan; and Doreen, (late 40’s) a posh, snooty, insensitive housewife, wife to Nigel, and mother to Anthony who lives in Inverness and is very big in the stock market!

Yet what lies beneath? And what stories do they have to tell?
Over the six months we see them blossom, as together they laugh, cry, fight and learn.
Learn to listen, learn to differ, learn to care.

Pat’ finds her sister, but does she get the answers she expects?
Greg’ confronts his first love, but was it worth waiting for?
Can Dawn forgive her father? Or Mo’ understand his?
Why did Frank’s leaving home make him so remote?
Will Judith ever stand up to her fanatical parents?
And Doreen? Doreen’s perfect. Isn’t she?
Well, as perfect as her re-invented life can allow her to be!

As Roy says; “Each life is full of cracks. Like an old teapot, it has a history.
And each fault in the glaze represents a story. Whether it’s worth the effort or not, I have to wait and see. Be patient with my patients. It’s like waiting for superglue to dry; You’re never sure it’s worked ’til you take your hands away.”

And just when all seems resolved, and our ‘band of pilgrims’ look as though they’ve gained something from all of this mayhem....? Fate steps in to bring Pat’ and Doreen into electrifying conflict, and shockingly closer than they’d ever wish to be. Yet through it all, the indomitability of the human spirit shines through.

Audiences have been entranced by these characters, as they journey on a roller-coaster ride of emotions; Hope, joy, laughter, tragedy and sheer exuberant life-affirming fun! Nearly all leaving the theatre with a tear in their eye, and a spring in their step.


Crescent Theatre, Birmingham


WHAT THE PRESS SAY...... “Just world class for premiere” There’s a magnificent scene when the class pays a visit to an opera and we watch their faces as they all respond to the drama on stage. This alone is worth the price of a ticket - and you’ll certainly get your money’s worth from this hugely talented company. There are moments of real knockabout humour, as well as some truly touching, even tragic episodes, but through it all the indomitability of the human spirit shines through. Jonathan Owen’s heartwarming piece has you leaving with a little spring in your step. Birmingham Post “Surprises keep coming” Jonathan Owen’s comedy is often very funny, but sometimes becomes distinctly more intense - secrets become uncovered, frictions are sparked and surprises keep on coming. And just when you think it is going to be wrapped up nicely, it reveals a twist in it’s tail that sparks high drama between two of the characters. This is billed as its world premiere and on this showing there is no reason why it should not become a popular item in the bill of fare for anybody’s season. Birmingham Evening Mail “I predict a popular future” Community halls are popular settings for down-to-earth comedy. Bazaar and Rummage and Stepping Out are two that spring to mind - to which may now be added Teapots & Superglue by Jonathan Owen, which had it’s world premiere last week. The play has eight characters who meet as strangers on a weekly course. Inevitably sparks begin to fly, and everybody learns a great deal about everybody else. It is often very funny, there is also some appeal to the emotions. I predict a popular future for it. What’s On listings, The Post.

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In TEAPOTS AND SUPERGLUE, Jonathan Owen has written a community hall comedy that joins joyous offerings...using public venues as a means of bringing disparate characters together with hilarious results...This is clearly destined to become a staple of the amdram calendar...Here's an exciting opportunity for your company. There's a great range here, offering new-found opportunities for your members. And your audiences, my research confirms, will simply love it."

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