Director’s Profile: Gai Jones

What keeps theatre alive? We do. Playwrights, directors, actors – anyone who has a love for theatre; who’s inspired by it and wants to inspire others through it. Theatre helps us develop as individuals and educates us. The art of directing and telling a story, is vital for every theatre production. Seeing a director’s interpretation of a story is an inspiring thing to witness, and we want to celebrate that. We want to celebrate our directors. We want to celebrate theatre. In our new blog series ‘Director’s Profile’ we share the beautiful stories of directors, who have inspired or been inspired in one way or another. 

Why I’m writing another play

Last year I wrote my first play. An adaptation of Mr Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ for The Point Youth Theatre’s 8-11 years Christmas show. I had a blast running workshops with the groups during the writing process; the children became my co-authors and their wit and sparky imaginations definitely made it all the more enjoyable to write.