A tough, but important decision

Dear Friends, We’ve got to make a tough, but important decision to change a lot of what we’ve built at TreePress. We’re tempted to make the explanation for this complicated, but it’s pretty simple: we need time and focus, to create something great for you all. And that is going to take some big changes. […]

You won’t believe this Uptown Funk Movie Dance

Juuuuust when we thought the Internet was done with Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, another video has exploded online featuring the catchy beat. The mashup masters at “What’s the Mashup?” took 100 famous movie dance scenes and put them all together to Uptown Funk. Epic!

The Cast of “Hamilton” Absolutely Crushed the Grammys

Hamilton is good. Very, very good. And now everyone who watched the Grammys knows it (and if you didn’t know that already, well, we have to have a serious talk). The cast performed the musical’s energetic opening number “Alexander Hamilton” via satellite live at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.

NT Connections 2015: Day 3!

We’re halfway through and loving it. Day 3 brought writing from Eugene O’Hare, who has come full circle having taken part in Connections himself at age fifteen, and Katherine Chandler, award winning Welsh Playwright, whose work has previously been produced by the National Theatre Wales. 

NT Connections 2015: Opening Night!

Last night, G&T’s in hand, TreePress settled down in the front row of the Dorfman Theatre for NT Connections opening night. Kicking the festival off were two insightful pieces from playwrights Katie Douglas, award-winning script writer and core member of the Eastenders writing team, and television writer and Olivier award nominee, Ben Ockrent.

TreePress online play text store launched – The Stage

An online store has been launched that allows drama teachers to browse, compare and buy plays from across the world.

TreePress has been developed and endorsed by figures including playwrights David Wood, Vicky Ireland and Fin Kennedy. It currently lists around 170 formerly unpublished plays from 90 playwrights, and allows teachers to search by genre, cast size, length and age range

Why you should stop perfecting your “pitch”

With every passing day in the world of startups we come up against the dreaded demand to ‘ pitch’. Like the relative you can’t quite shake at Christmas or the repetitive dinner party questions (like “So, what do you actually do?”), it seems that pitching has a penchant for popping up everywhere.

And quite frankly, we think it’s time to stop.

What did we do this week? (Week 11)

Like many startups, money is a ever present cloud hanging over you: runway, cashflow, PAYE and many other things that are completely new to us! And so at some point, you have to start thinking about that fantastic little word…funding.

We had a really positive week meeting some truly incredible people, who really understand the TreePress vision.  We’ll hopefully be able to chat more in the coming weeks – but it’s all really exciting.