A tough, but important decision

Dear Friends, We’ve got to make a tough, but important decision to change a lot of what we’ve built at TreePress. We’re tempted to make the explanation for this complicated, but it’s pretty simple: we need time and focus, to create something great for you all. And that is going to take some big changes. […]

‘Bromancing the Ok’ by Joe Salvatore

This week we meet award-winning playwright, director and NYU Professor Joe Salvatore. What struck us when we first met Joe was his infectious energy and generosity. He’s a natural collaborator and the sort of artist who encourages and exalts the work and talents of others. And so… we want to take this chance to celebrate his work and talent […]

‘Because of Beth’ by Elana Gartner

This week we meet internationally produced and award-winning playwright Elana Gartner. The first time we met Elana in New York we were struck by her urgency to produce excellence and support, celebrate and promote the work of fellow playwrights and artists. She creates, to make the world better. And we couldn’t be prouder to have her […]

You won’t believe this Uptown Funk Movie Dance

Juuuuust when we thought the Internet was done with Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, another video has exploded online featuring the catchy beat. The mashup masters at “What’s the Mashup?” took 100 famous movie dance scenes and put them all together to Uptown Funk. Epic!

‘From Shakespeare With Love?’ by Jonathan Dorf

Each week, we select a play to feature as our ‘Play of the Week’. Not only do we profile it with an interview with the playwright themselves, but we also offer a temporary download of the play – absolutely FREE. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Shakespeare birthday than interviewing another great internationally produced playwright, author, professor and director Jonathan Dorf as he explains what inspired him to write ‘From Shakespeare With Love?’

‘Platform Nine’ by Dennis Westgate

Each week, we select a play to feature as our ‘Play of the Week’. Not only do we profile it with an interview with the playwright themselves, but we also offer a temporary download of the play – absolutely FREE. This week we meet full-time musical theatre writer, Dennis Westgate as he explains how he […]

‘A Mother’s Song’ by Phil Tong

It follows the epic struggle of two young people in their quest to be reunited with their parents after they are separated by the cruel forces in power. The world has returned once again to a feudal state and the play explores the battle between two different ideologies; those who advocate the cruel imposition of autocratic power and those who would rule in a more humane manner, respecting the dignity of all life. 

‘Beyond the Clouds’ by Chris Breen

Beyond the Clouds follows the build up and escalation of World War II through the eyes of a young couple, Archie and Rose. Archie unwittingly volunteers to join the theatre of conflict with the lowest chances of survival, RAF Bomber Command. Though perhaps a dark premise, the play has many elements of comedy (humour in adversity being so typical of the time). It follows the two protagonists and their feuding parents through the Blitz and the story reaches its climax as Archie and his crew, two trips from finishing their second tour, embark on a fateful mission to Berlin.

The Cast of “Hamilton” Absolutely Crushed the Grammys

Hamilton is good. Very, very good. And now everyone who watched the Grammys knows it (and if you didn’t know that already, well, we have to have a serious talk). The cast performed the musical’s energetic opening number “Alexander Hamilton” via satellite live at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.

Cathy Caton: Director’s Profile

What keeps theatre alive? We do. Playwrights, directors and anyone who has a love for theatre; who’s inspired by it and wants to inspire others through it. Theatre helps us develop as individuals and educates us. But just what inspires directors to tell a story the way they do? Why did they decide to join the world of theatre? How do they take a script and so artfufully translate it on stage? We want to celebrate our directors. We want to celebrate theatre. In our new blog series ‘Director’s Profile’ we share the beautiful stories of directors, who have inspired or been inspired in one way or another.