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Want your holidays back? Tired of that sinking feeling when the curtain falls wondering what production you can possibly do next? Discover your next play, written by those who understand what it takes to produce inspirational, engaging and challenging theatre for young performers.


We know how hard it can be to license plays. Trust us - we’ve been there. The time has come to innovate and improve the dusty, confusing process of gaining the rights to perform a play. All plays are instantly licensed, allowing you to go and do what you do best: bringing stories to life on the stage.


You’re writing incredible new work. It might be your first play, or some of you are seasoned professionals. But there’s always a problem. The long and frustrating road that lies ahead to market, distribute and protect your plays. We give you access to technology to manage all of this digitally. And, most importantly, get paid.

By bringing you together, we’ll encourage the development of new work and help create a theatre culture for our future. We want to see more plays available. This means more magic on more stages for our performers, teachers, directors, playwrights and publishers.

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Know exactly how much a play will cost, right there on the screen. No frustrating phone calls or confusing checkouts. You’ll be able to see if it fits into your budget straight away. Pay quickly and easily. The script will come straight away!

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Eliminate the hardest part about being a playwright. We help with marketing, distribution and protection of your plays. Access a global network of directors. Sell your scripts and licenses safely and effectively. Leaving you free to do what you do best: writing new stories that inspire performance.

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