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The world's

first script marketplace!

Behind every actor, there is a great teacher. Behind every great teacher, there is a great play. Behind them all, is TreePress.

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Sourcing your school play

will be easier than ever before.

TreePress addresses the problem faced in schools worldwide: accessing challenging and engaging scripts for young people. It is an online marketplace for writers to sell scripts, and for teachers to buy scripts.


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With everything in one place, you'll find what you need quicker and easier...leaving more time for rehearsals.


No more writing letters, or dealing with multiple parties just to secure the licenses you need. It's all here, in one place.


Find scripts according to cast size, gender, genre, length, and more. We're making finding the perfect play easier than ever before.

Upload Work

Seamlessly upload your own work to be shared with the community. You'll earn with every script you sell.

Instant Delivery

Access your script immediately, with automatic download. The downloads are secure and allow you to begin rehearsing in no time.


We will be available to help with everything you may need from the mundane to the complex: we're there.

Contribute to our Project…

We're currently in closed beta testing, and we'd love to have you join.

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